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5000 Horse Power on Methanol
view the index of terms view the index of names view a desciption video This 300+ page manual..
Fuel Injection Racing Secrets 2nd edition
View index of terms View index of names View a video description *List $79.99 >> specia..
High Horsepower Tuning for Mechanical Fuel Injection
Index of Terms Index of Tables & Illustrations Index of Names View a video description D..
Jetting for Racing Mechanical Fuel Inj - Small Block - rev 3
for Normally Aspirated Small Block V-8 Racing Engines on Methanol View a video description *..
Jetting for Racing Mechanical Fuel Injection - Big Block
For Normally Aspirated BIG BLOCK V-8 Racing Engines on METHANOL View a video description Lis..
Blown Nitro Racing on a Budget
view index of terms view index of names view index of illustrations view a video description ..